Launch of the Centre for Spirituality of Care and Community (CSCC)

Speech by Margaret Bradley for the launch of CSCC


I am deeply moved  and so delighted with the interest and enthusiasm that has been shown by so many of you for the formation of this new venture, the Centre for Spirituality of Care and Community – and also by the interest of many others who due to the short notice or ill health are unable to be here today.

I am feeling too, what a rare privilege it is to become a Foundation Member of a new organisation such as this… and I know that Roy would have been thrilled that his lifelong work and that of his many colleagues has formed the groundwork for a new movement that will open up new directions - to include community and its many aspects  - and I hope, the importance of the interrelatedness of all beings and our environment in a wholistic way.

My family and I would like now to acknowledge and thank those who saw the need for the Centre and have worked for its formation with such enthusiasm and such very hard work.

This new focus is so important as our society seems to be increasingly driven by self-interest and competitiveness, and I often feel that as a nation, we have lost our soul. Many are not having their basic needs of body, mind and spirit met, and so are being denied the opportunity to grow towards their fullest potential.

Finally, I am so pleased that the flexibility inherent in the organisation’s purpose will lead to the Centre being enriched by the diverse views and input of a broad range of people from across many occupations, organisations and faiths.

So it is with excitement, a full heart and a great hope for the future life of the Centre, I now declare it launched.


CSCC launch.JPG