Inaugural Committee of Management 2019


Eugen Koh (Chair) is a consultant psychiatrist at St Vincent’s Hospital and psychoanalytic psychotherapist in
private practice where he specialises in helping individuals with childhood trauma and works with traumatised
communities in Central Australia, Japan and Northern Ireland. He is a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne School of
Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. He was previously Director of the Dax Centre and
Founding Chair /Director of CASSE.

Gillian Henderson (Vice Chair) I was introduced to chaplaincy and pastoral care in 1991 and trained in CPE and
supervision at the Austin Hospital where I worked for 17 years and was accredited as a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor
with ASACPEV. I have valued the opportunity to have rich supervisory experience at Barwon Health, Monash
Health, Berwick and currently at Epworth Richmond. Roy Bradley and my father worked together at the Larundel
Psychiatric Hospital. From my parents I heard of their high regard for Roy and over time experienced this for
myself. I had the privilege of being supervised by Roy for some of my supervisory training.

Bill Couche (Treasurer)has more than forty years leadership and consultancy in community service organisations,
involving both direct service to children, youth, families, the homeless and people with a drug dependency and
high level advice to Governments at both the state and federal level. For approximately ten years, he and Roy
Bradley were colleagues in the development of Anglican Health and Welfare in the Diocese of Perth.

Jill Webb (Secretary) is a lawyer working in native title, currently as Engagement Manager at First Nations Legal &
Research Services. She has a background in social work and management and was previously Senior Manager of
Child and Family Programs at the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Jill has also served on the Anglican Diocese of
Melbourne’s Selection Conference. For more than a decade, Jill has been on the board of ANTaR, a national
advocacy organisation working to support the rights of Australia’s First Peoples.

Margaret Bradley is a retired social worker whose work over many years in the health and community sectors
included working with childhood cancers and liver transplant patients and their families. She is deeply committed
to communal living and with her husband Roy ran the Avalon Community, providing counselling and spiritual
support to a wide range of people. She is also a member of Ruach, a family community cooperative. Margaret has
a strong commitment to social justice and has for many years been an advocate for the rights of Aboriginal &
Torres Strait Islander Peoples and asylum seekers.

Cath Bradley is passionate about social justice and health equity. She is a Social Worker who has worked in both
government and community service organisations with a particular focus on Women’s rights, asylum seekers
rights, housing justice, Indigenous rights and improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
people. Cath is interested in advancing the cooperative movement and lives in an intentional community. She is
currently team leader of the Ngarra Jarra Health Programme at Austin Health.

Dr Helen Austin  has practised Palliative Medicine for many years. In the in-patient units at Caritas
Christi and Bethlehem she learned of the value of pastoral care in the practice of holistic medicine. Much healing
occurred at the end of life. Community palliative care practice incorporated the family and friends as the
emphasis shifted from management of disease to care of the person and family in the setting of their choice. The
last 5 years of her practising career were spent in developing training programs for doctors of all backgrounds.
She is a parishioner of St Philip’s Collingwood.