Become a Foundation Member

To support the work of the Centre for Spirituality of Care and Community, we are seeking up to 100 financial members each entitled to a vote. These first 100 members will be known as Foundation Members. Foundation Members will guide and support our vision to promote a greater understanding and awareness of the spirituality of care and community, inspired by the life and work of our friend and colleague, the late Roy Bradley. Your generous financial support provides the foundation that will enable us to undertake this work.


A Foundation Member may be an individual, a family or an organisation. A family or organisation membership requires the nomination of a representative who will hold the right of a single vote. Foundation Members may choose an upfront payment of five years membership of $1000 or a commitment to pay an annual fee of $200 for five consecutive years.  


Application for membership of CSCC requires a brief background, or if appropriate, a curriculum vitae for individuals or, annual report or website for organisations. The decision to offer membership will be undertaken by the Committee of Management once consideration is given to 1) the availability of a vacancy (limit of 100 financial members), and 2) consistency with the organisation’s objective to have broad representation across professions, sectors and faiths. Once the application is successful, an invoice will be sent and membership commences upon confirmation of payment of fees

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